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Jun 21, Some plants take longer to establish than others so it's possible your burning bush is still struggling to establish its roots. While it is under stress, some leaves may yellow and drop but the plant should survive. You may even notice that the foliage turns color in mid-summer instead of waiting for fall.

Die-back is a symptom of disease and not necessarily the cause. This radiant heat causes heat stress and the lower foliage will turn yellow and fall off as the rose bush tries to protect itself and de-stress. Your plant is affected by rose rust.

Radiant heat causes the lower leaves of the rose bush to turn yellow and eventually fall off. Nov 05, Cultural or insect issues are likely the cause for leaves turning yellow on butterfly bush. Here are some potential causes so you can triage your yellowing butterfly bush leaves.

Why Butterfly Bush Leaves Are Yellow. Butterfly bush is aptly named because it draws bees and butterflies but also emits a strong scent in the evening which attracts moths. This plant has beautiful 6- to inch ( If the leaves look like they are fading/loosing their green color and then falling off, it is probably spider mites.

Spider mites are very hard to see - even with a magnifying glass. They like it hot and dry and typically the hottest, sunniest side of the plant will have the problem first. Mike Larkin. 13 years ago. Jul 23, Overwatering – Firebush doesn’t do well in overly wet conditions or soggy soil because the roots are unable to absorb oxygen.

You may be better off to buy a new one with good healthy roots at a nursery.

As a result, leaves may turn yellow and drop off the plant. Water deeply to encourage long, healthy roots, then allow the soil to dry out before watering shrubpruning.buzzted Reading Time: 2 mins.