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Aug 03, In conclusion, you don’t have to cut back hydrangeas. If you do, it is dependent upon what type of growth you are cutting.

Old-growth has bark that is layered and dry looking. Its stems are also stiff and rigid. This type of growth should be cut before it grows its buds for the following year. You should cut it immediately after they shrubpruning.buzzted Reading Time: 7 mins.

You may ask, Will hydrangeas grow back if cut down?

Even if you cut canes back to ground level during dormancy, the shrubs will grow back and produce blooms in spring. However, pruning to the ground weakens the stems over time and you may have to stake the plants to keep them upright. Apr 12, When you prune these hydrangeas only cut away dead wood in the fall or the early spring.

When you are pruning you can cut one or two of the older stems down to the base so that new branches grow with better fullness. If your plant is older or damaged you can prune all of the stems to the shrubpruning.buzzted Reading Time: 2 mins.

Apr 17, They are an exception to the rule that says shrubs that produce their flowers on the previous season’s growth should be pruned after flowering. The structure of hydrangea stems means that it’s best to leave cutting back until BBC Gardeners' World Magazine. Nov 12, If you want to cut the brown flowers off your hydrangeas at this time of year it won’t hurt anything, but it does not have to be done.

Some people are afraid that “snow and ice will cling onto the flowers and spit or break the branches” but this isn’t really a shrubpruning.buzzted Reading Time: 4 mins. Jun 23, For the best results when pruning the big Mophead varieties, do not deadhead or remove the faded blooms. Leave them through the winter and cut them back in early spring (to the first pair of healthy buds). Lacecap varieties can be deadheaded. Cut them back to the second pair of leaves below the flower head.

Do you cut back Limelight hydrangeas in the fall? The Limelight hydrangea may be pruned in fall, winter or early spring, but never in late spring or summer while the plant is developing flowers. Fall pruning is best done only in mild winter climates, such as in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 7 and 8.