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Water right away, then again weekly.

Jul 11, Blueberry Propagation. Blueberries usually are propagated from softwood or hardwood cuttings by cutting selected twigs from healthy, disease-free mother plants. Cuttings are placed in propagation beds in a medium that holds moisture well but also allows adequate aeration. Mar 12, Blueberries can also be propagated from softwood cuttings during the growing season. While propagating from hardwood cuttings is relatively simple and straightforward, softwood cuttings require substantially more care.

When the blueberry plants are actively growing, they are at much greater risk of drying out and dying before they set out shrubpruning.buzzted Reading Time: 6 mins. Oct 12, 1. In late winter, remove an approximately 5 inch section of mature, one year old stem and make a once inch long wound on the bark. 2. Stick the cuttings into thoroughly watered media. A mix of peat, sand, and perlite is recommended. 3. Water the cuttings once a week, and more frequently after the leaves emerge.

shrubpruning.buzzted Reading Time: 4 mins. Jul 26, Growing Blueberry Bushes from Cuttings. Another very popular method of propagation is growing blueberry bushes from cuttings. Blueberries can be grown from both hard and softwood cuttings. Hardwood cuttings – Harvest hardwood cuttings in late winter, after the bush has gone dormant. Select a healthy looking stem that’s one year old (last year’s new growth) and cut it into 5.

Nov 28, Hardwood cuttings are gathered in winter when the blueberry bush is dormant. Look for a 6-inch-long, 1/4-inch-thick cutting with no signs of damage or disease. Aug 17, Growing blueberry plants from cuttings is a quick and easy way to get new bushes. Cuttings can be done from both hardwood and softwood, but hardwood cuttings tend to be easier to work with and more likely to root properly.

Hardwood cuttings are best taken in the late winter or early spring, before the leaf buds begin to open. Jun 03, The Blueberry Stunt phytoplasma is common in NC, and can be transmitted via propagation.

Stem Canker is a fungal disease causing swollen cankers that eventually kill infected canes.

A mix of peat, sand, and perlite is recommended.

Avoid collecting cutting wood from infected plants. Avoiding off-type or diseased cuttings during propagation is best accomplished by scouting the source field during the growing season prior to taking cuttings. Specific rows or individual bushes.

Nov 19, When To Start Blueberry Propagation. Successful growing of blueberries from cuttings needs a temperature around 21°C (70 °F), so summer is the best time for propagation.

Sever the cutting at a degree angle using your sharp, clean pruning shears and remove any foliage from along the lowest 1 to 2 inches.

The best time to propagate blueberries is when the temperature start to warm up. Soak the peat in water for four hours before planting your blueberry cuttings. Push the cuttings into the peat medium until only the top buds are exposed. Set them 2-inches apart. When you water your cuttings, just mist them for about 10 seconds every five minutes until they take root, or as often as you can.

After they root, mist them every few hours.