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Partial Shade Perennials.

Oct 16, Sumac in the Fall - Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve. We all enjoy the bright colors of fall. Sometimes I can’t find enough adjectives to describe the reds of maple trees and dogwoods.

But the brightest red of all may be the sumac. Sumac is a shrub or small tree, native to most of North America, although it is considered a nuisance in some shrubpruning.buzzted Reading Time: 3 mins.

Springfield, VA. Located within Regional Veterinary Referral Center. Backlick Road Springfield, VA Map and Directions (PDF)Same day appointments and onsite access to advanced diagnostics, including MRI. Learn more about the services we offer. The ornamental sumacs are used in the landscape because of the graceful form, fall color, and colorful fruits clusters. Wildlife is attracted to the sumac fruit. Ring-necked pheasant, quail, wild turkey, and about species of songbirds include sumac fruit in their diet.

Sumac shrubs are in demand mainly for their fall shrubpruning.buzzg: Springfield VA. Jul 21, David Beaulieu. The foliage of poison sumac shrub changes its color in fall, as do the berries. Like poison ivy, the color of poison sumac's mature berry is whitish.

The fact that the berry color of these two noxious weeds is so unusual makes it another distinguishing feature. Continue to 7 of 13 shrubpruning.buzzg: Springfield VA. Oct 21, Sumacs include about 35 flowering woody North American species in the Rhus genus within the Anacardiaceae family, which also includes cashews, mangos, and pistachios. There are dozens of other sumac species native to Europe, Africa, Asia, and other parts of the world, a few of which are used as landscape plants in the U.S.

Sumacs are generally shrubs Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins. Sumac shrubs provide intriguing visuals throughout most of the year, whether they’re growing along roadsides or planted as garden accents. Large flower clusters in spring are followed by brilliantly colored fall foliage in orange, flame red, and burgundy.

The old bark of poison sumac is much rougher in texture than the newer bark.

The flower clusters produce berrylike drupes that turn red in autumn and last well into winter where they serve as tasty Missing: Springfield VA. In the fall, sumac will also produce a cluster of deep red fruit.

Height: Most types of sumac grow into a tree or shrub ranging between 5 and 20 feet in height. Larger sumac trees will often grow long and slender branches that tilt downward.

Double rows of leaves: Poison sumac plants generally feature stems with two parallel rows of leaves. The Missing: Springfield VA.