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Gooseberries benefit from a regular source of potassium.

Gooseberry bushes are best grown on a single stem, this is the reason for stripping the lower buds off. AWAITING PICTURE. STEP 5 Use a trowel to dig a small hole to a depth of about one half of the cutting.

Insert the cutting into the hole, in-fill with soil and gently firm down so that the soil is in touch with the cutting below ground.

Oct 26, Mid autumn (late September to early November) is the time to take gooseberry cuttings.

When a gooseberry bush reaches about 3 years old, it will have begun to form new plants, and you can generally get several starts off of a healthy plant.

Select a healthy looking stem about 22cm (9in) long and cleanly cut it from the parent plant (see left). Strip off all the side shoots except the top three. Remove any buds below the leaves with a sharp shrubpruning.buzzted Reading Time: 50 secs.

Prune the gooseberry bush back to within 6 inches from the ground using sharp hand pruners. Dispose of the cut pieces. Rooting Gooseberry Cuttings: Taking Cuttings From Gooseberry Bush. You don't have to buy new gooseberry plants to increase your crop. Growing gooseberry from cuttings is inexpensive and easy. The following article provides information about propagating gooseberry cuttings.

Click here to learn more. Jun 22, The bottom cut should be just below a bud and the top cut should be about an inch above a bud. Set the cutting outside in soil – bottom cut side down – with a third of the plant buried under the earth. Cover with straw so just the tip is showing.

You can also take a cutting in early spring before the leaf buds emerge. Take cuttings during the plants’ dormant season – any time from mid-autumn to late winter, ideally after they drop their leaves.

When you propagate, take a strong branch that is one year old. Cut off the soft growth at the tip, and cut the branch.