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Grumpy's sure-fire, no messing around, always guaranteed correct answer: Gardenia blooms on new growth, so you can prune it now, this winter, or early spring without eliminating the blooms.

Cut it back as far as you need to. The only time you don't want to prune is when it's setting flower buds or you'll cut off all the shrubpruning.buzzted Reading Time: 1 min. Jun 18, When to Prune a Gardenia. It is best to prune your gardenia shrub right after the blooms have faded in the summer.

When can you cut back gardenia bushes, 22150 Springfield VA

Gardenias will set their flower buds for the next year in the fall, so pruning in the summer will allow you to cut back some of the older. Jan 04, It depends on how far along the gardenia bush is in growth.

After you've thinned out the oldest branches, trim the remaining branches.

If there are buds on the branches, do not prune your bush until after it blooms, unless you want the gardenia bush to not have any flowers during this bloom. Once the flowers have bloomed and have all fallen off, it is safe to prune your bush without preventing flower growth%. Pruning too late in the summer or early in the fall can also reduce winter protection in areas that sometimes experience frost, so avoid it if you live at the lower end of gardenia’s hardiness.

Mar 24, Prune back to upward-growing branches to encourage the shrub to grow up instead of out. We typically prune gardenias after they bloom.