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Plastic tree guards can prevent some of this damage.

Jun 19, Why Do My Fruit Trees Drop Their Fruit? (flowers, growing, bugs) User Name: Remember Me: Password On both my peach and pear trees the fruit gets about marble size, then they drop to the ground. It can't be a lack of rain, we had. Overbearing.

Regular pruning after the first year Pruning pear trees is very similar to pruning apple trees.

Trees that try to overbear, especially in their early fruit production years, may succumb to early fruit drop. Young trees are more prone to drop fruit, whereas older, established, developed trees tend to more regularly store and make use of their reserve food.

Most pear trees need pollen from another variety to set fruit. But some varieties have been known to set an adequate number of fruit without a second variety. The reason for this is not well understood and fruiting is unreliable. Jun 20, Why Do My Fruit Trees Drop Their Fruit? (flower, fertilization, backyard) User Name: Remember Me: Password: Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. After. Sep 10, Preferred in home landscapes for their tidy shape and glossy, deep green leaves, fruitless pear trees typically reach a mature height of between 30 and 50 feet.

Most fruitless pear trees.

The stake can be removed after a few years.

Jun 22, Lack of water can also cause a mature pear tree’s failure to bloom. Providing a deep watering every week during the growing season may go a long way toward getting a pear tree to bloom. Finally, improper pruning of pears or excess fertilizing can be the cause when a pear tree did not bloom. Flowers appear on short spurs on pear trees.

Both the immature insects and adults feed by sucking out the tree’s juices.

Leaf yellowing and a general decline in vigor may indicate that your trees have pear psyllids. Severely infected trees may (drop)their leaves. The best preventive measure is a thorough dormant-oil spray in the early spring before the leaves come out. Small Misshapen Pears Cherry Fruit Fly - Adult cherry fruit flies resemble small houseflies.

Jun 21, As stated earlier, pears have fewer insect problems than other fruits. One of the reasons for this is their flower nectar, which isn’t as attractive to insects as other fruits; and as bees are the main pollinators of your pear tree, care should be taken not to drive them away or, worse, kill them. Aug 17, A diseased tree may produce little fruit or no fruit at all. The most common disease affecting pear trees is fire blight.

Fire blight is caused by the bacteria Erwinia amylovora. If untreated, the. Sep 21, Unfortunately, pear trees are susceptible to a fungus called"pear trellis rust." While not as common in the United States as in Europe, it has been found in Washington state and California, as well as in British Columbia.